Q) What’s a typical day like?
A) The bus leaves around 7:30am, depending on your pickup location. It is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can stow your equipment, check in and find a seat on the bus. If you plan on sleeping in the morning, it is suggested you bring earplugs in the event that other passengers decide not to sleep. We typically arrive at the resort around 9:30am depending on traffic conditions. Then, after enjoying a full day of skiing, the bus will depart the resort at 4:30pm. Again, it is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you avoid the risk of missing the bus. Once on the road, we will play a movie for your enjoyment on the ride back to Denver. You will arrive home around 6:30pm depending on traffic conditions.
Q) What do I need in order to board the bus?
A) We’ll have you name on the trip roster so don’t worry about printing anything.  Save a tree!
Q) Do I have to be a college student to use University Ski Bus?
A) Anyone is welcome to use our service. DU undergraduate students receive discounts on most of our trips.
Q) What’s your refund policy?
A) It varies.  You will be made aware of our refund policy when you book a trip.
Q) Are your buses safe?
A) We work with reputable charter bus companies that rigorously inspect their buses on a regular basis as well as before each trip. They have received the highest safety ratings by the DOT. Each driver is rigorously screened and trained as well as experienced in chain installation and winter driving conditions.
Q) What if the weather is bad? Will the trip be cancelled?
A) Road crews do an outstanding job of keeping the roads clear. It is very unlikely that we will cancel a trip due to weather. We work with the most reputable bus companies that only employ drivers who are trained in winter driving conditions and chain installation.
Q) What should I bring?
A) You should bring all the clothing and equipment you would normally bring skiing. Consider bringing earplugs and food to enjoy on the bus. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items. Leave valuables at home.

Q) Will the bus make stops?
A) The bus does not make any stops, but there is a restroom onboard.
Q) What if I miss the bus?
A) In order to maintain a great experience for all guests, the bus will not wait for latecomers. If you miss the bus, you are responsible for finding your own transportation at your expense. It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to avoid running the risk of this happening.
Q) Can I leave my belongings on the bus while I ski?
A) Yes, you may leave your belongings on the bus during the day. However, the bus will be locked and you may be unable to retrieve them if you need them. Remember, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items and it is not recommended you leave valuables on the bus.
Q) If I can’t go can I give my ticket to a friend?
A) Sure.  Email George@UniversitySkiBus.com explaining the situation so we can update our trip roster to avoid confusion in the morning.